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While wireless networking is becoming more and more necessary for both small and large businesses, network cabling and Ethernet systems are still the most common types of computer networks that exist for businesses today. In general, network cabling connects computers and other systems on a network to the Internet, printers, and other services or hardware. In most businesses, network cables integrate voice, data, video, security, and sound systems and carry these services throughout an office or building. While the basics of network cabling can sound simple as cables simply connect one system to another, in order to ensure full bandwidth potential network cabling and Ethernet wiring systems need to be properly designed, installed, and administered.


At Advantage Services, we offer network cabling services and Ethernet wiring services for businesses located throughout the Las Vegas area and around the valley. We offer both network cabling design and network cabling installation services as well as network support and diagnostic services. Because our network cabling installers are highly trained and experienced, you can be sure that your final network performs up to the top standards in order to for you to keep you business running as usual. If you are interested in having our experts design and install network cabling for your business or in learning more about how our network cabling and diagnostic services can help your business, please feel free to contact our IT company today.

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Cable Networking Services

With our network cabling design and installation services, we do not just install hardware and other network components within a network. Instead, we pay special attention to carefully integrating each component resulting in the creation of a network that is completely cohesive. With our IT hardware procurement services, we can determine which components to include in a network cabling project in order to optimize the speed and performance of you network. We take special care to keep your office organized and neat.

The Right Amount of Energy

We have the ability to assess your property and make sure that it is running as efficient as possible. At Advantage Services, we also offer many services to make sure you are only paying for the power you are using. Ask us about our Kvar units. In addition to our efficiency survey, we can provide you with options and products to lower your power bill.

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Electrical Maintenance 36%
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At Advantage Services, we want you to know that you can lean on us for all your electrical needs. We are a full service electrical contractor who is licensed and bonded. From the homeowner to the general contractor, we cover it all.

Energy Survey

If you are looking to save money on your electrical bill, give us a call. We can review your property and let you know where you can cut costs and eliminate wasteful spending. Whether you have a home or commercial property, we are confident we can save you money.


Emergency Lighting

Lighting is very important in emergency situations. We are fluent in all the codes required for such lighting. Let one of our project coordinators meet with you to make sure you are covering all the required lighting in emergency situations.


Battery Backup

There will be times when the power will fail. It is at those times when you should be ready with temporary backup power. We know that you have budgets to work in. Let us meet with you and your property managers to facilitate the best options in battery backups.



Power is what we do. We have done our homework and will provide you with all the best options in home generators, portable generators, inverter generators, and commercial and industrial generators.


Electrical Panels

Residential or commercial, New or replacement panels, we have your electrical panel solution. There is literally no job that is too small. Call us and we will provide you with every panel option so that you can make the most informed decision. Call for a free estimate.


Project Management

We have the best educated and experienced project managers in the electrical field. You can rest assured that your project will come out correct, ontime, and for the right price. We stand by our project managers and once you see their results…you will too.



We guarantee to put our best foot forward everytime we step on the the job. We know a company is only as good as it performs. It is for that reason that we are constantly educating our employees and managers. Knowledge and experience is truly power (wink).


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