Want to make sure your homes never without power?

Advantage Service’s electric generator installations is one of the most comprehensive in the business—because we know the importance of staying connected and staying safe when the power goes out.

When we’re installing a new generator or backup generator, we’ll assess your needs and make sure that you have peace of mind.

What does a generator do?

Generators are standby devices which can supply electricity to your home during power outages. During a power outage, it allows you to continue to operate essential appliances such as refrigerators, computers, heating and cooling systems and lighting.

The process that generators employ involves converting mechanical energy into usable electricity. This is the same process that is used, on a larger scale, to produce electricity for entire communities by your local power company. Basically it is a spinning shaft powered by an engine that is used to produce a magnetic field through a coil, which in turn produces an electromotive force.

If you are thinking of installing a generator, then give Advantage Services a call.

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