Dear David,

It’s rare to find such an exceptional level of professionalism, expertise and ethics all in one company. That’s exactly what we found working with Advantage Services. You went above and beyond making up for a scheduling error. Thank you.

Martin Alcocer, service technician, showed up with all necessary equipment and items to do the electrical work we requested plus, he took care of another problem that would have resulted in an inoperable plug or a fire – worst case scenario. He was knowledgeable, skillful and very conscientious and the work is perfect. We couldn’t be happier.

With your permission, we’d like to submit Advantage Services to be put on our Canyon Terrace Homeowners Preferred Vendor list. This will help our neighbors and friends get a qualified, reliable electrical contractor. This job may not have been the biggest but there’s no doubt who we’d call on for another job large or small, simple or complex.



Sincerely, Valerie and Dan Mercer, P.S. Congratulations on your new baby : )

I had a problem with one of my kitchen outlets. I tried installing a new one to no avail. I even had my neighbor (who is an electrician) come over to try and help me with it. We had no luck. He suggested that I call a professional company to come and look at the problem. I researched different companies on the internet and came across Advantage Services. I called them up and they showed up that same day. They followed the problem back to a short in the wiring. I know have a outlet that works, and a happy wife.

Arthur Fielding, Retired

When I had a ceiling fan in my home that was out of balance. I knew that I had to get it fixed. I was referred to Advantage Services from a friend of mine who had a whole home surge protection system installed. She told me to contact Mr Lund from Advantage Services.

David assured me that the fan would not fall down but that it would continue to be a nuisance. He balanced the fan and now, I am a fan of Advantage Services.

Thanks again Mr. David Lund,

Mrs. Nancy Bivens, Home Owner