Garage Lighting

Garage Lighting Overview

Garage lighting inadequacies can hurt Work quality and lead to time-consuming or costly mistakes and repairs. But it’s not too costly or even difficult to upgrade your garage lighting. Now days there are a multitude of options and fixtures for you to light your garage. From the pendant reflector light, to the standard fluorescent shop light. Lets take a look at some of these.

Garage Lighting Fixtures

Ceiling Mounted Fluorescent Fixtrure: Start by looking at 4-foot instant-on T8 bulb fixtures with wide reflectors or diffusers. Garage Lighting Fluorescent Lighting Fixture 6 Lamp

Hanging shop lights, such as this low-profile one by Lithonia, are single-, double- or four-bulb fixtures that drop down from above your workbench to provide illumination where you need it most. Sometimes just adding one of these lamps to an otherwise dimly lit garage can lead to noticeably better visibility.

Pendant Reflector Light: Although the pendant reflector light is usually one bulb, its effectiveness within a garage is substantial. And with the added tech of an LED bulb you can take this fixture from good to great.

A portable work-light: Such as the Might D Light or a Trouble Light with plastic gaurd is also a must-have, even if you don’t plan on peering into crevices or under your car. If you’re prone to dropping and losing small parts or hardware, a quick scan across the Garage Lighting Trouble Lightfloor with a work-light can spare you a trip to the hardware store.

Other options would be recessed garage lighting. there are many makes and models of this type of light. If you feel like any of these are an option for you and you would like some help on the installation, please do not hesitate to give Advantage Services a call.