Electrical Repair

We are here to help you with your electrical repairs

Today our homes use more and more electricity due to our increasing need for computers, home entertainment systems, improved lighting, and other electronics. At Advantage Services, we understand these demands and the equipment required to support them. Our residential electrical services ensure all home wiring is not only performed correctly and to the uniform building cod, but that it will live up to today’s building codes.

You want to avoid unlicensed electricians. They not only lack education and experience, but in almost all cases they do not carry the proper insurance to perform any electrical repairs electrical repairof a licensed electrician. As a result not only does the responsibility of faulty wiring and the associated hazards fall on your home, but a person who hires an unlicensed electrical contractor may be liable for any damages as well.

Our trusted electricians at Advantage Electric will never take ‘short cuts’ at our customers expense or overlook potentially dangerous wiring problems. At Advantage Services our goal is to make sure all electrical repairs are done safely and properly. We will always provide helpful recommendations when applicable to help protect your home.

For home improvement, electrical repairs, or remodel contact us here at Advantage Services for any residential electrical needs.