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Security Lighting

Security Lights

Light is a burglar’s worst enemy. These criminals do their best work under the cover of darkness, and a strategically arranged set of security lights can halt them before they even slip onto your property. Here you’ll find our complete selection of affordable, high-powered solar security lights, motion detector lights and floodlights. These-top-of-the-line lighting...
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Landscape Lighting

Landscaping lighting adds a touch of color to your backyard. By using landscape lighting in your front and backyard, you not only add security to your home, but beauty and style as well. You can add lights to any landscape design. Installing solar lights in your front or backyard is an easy chore that almost anyone can...
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Electrical Code Guidelines

Some electric code violation guidelines of interest include: Bathrooms
  • You can only install GFCI (ground fault current interrupter) receptacles in bathrooms.
  • There must be a receptacle within 3 feet of the outside edge of sink basin.
  • No receptacles face-up on countertops.
  • Because some receptacles power high-wattage devices like hair dryers, there must be at least one separate 20 amp. branch...
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Residential Wiring and Circuits

The standard household electrical outlet consists of two three-pronged, polarized receptacles. Each receptacle has a 120-volt ‘hot’ wire, a neutral wire and a ground. This dual design allows the use of either hot wire to supply the standard 120-volt household circuits. For higher power applications like clothes dryers, electric ranges and air conditioners, a single...
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